Innolyzer Labs has the first of its kind solution for easy, accurate measuring of soluble hydrogen sulfide in aqueous samples


Portable and easy-to-use for field or laboratory testing, the SINC series of products preserves sample integrity like nothing else.


The Problem

Hydrogen Sulfide is a naturally occurring unwanted byproduct of the oil and gas, water, and mining industries, and a byproduct of a wide range of manufacturing processes. The toxicity and corrosivity of soluble H2S make it a personnel health and equipment safety issue. As many industrial managers are aware, accurate measurement of H2S for remediation has been a challenge: sample integrity is hard to preserve, and other testing methods require expensive equipment for accuracy and extensive lab delays. Innolyzer SINC technology addresses these challenges, and provides quantitative data in a portable, easy-to-use kit.

Innolyzer - The Problem

The Solution

The Innolyzer SINC platform is based on a portable, user friendly, hand held system. Users load samples directly from the collection source and obtain a quantitative reading of H2S content. In the past, storage and transport of H2S laden samples to a lab resulted in degradation of the sample. The field ready nature of SINC increases accuracy though both measurement technique and assured preservation of sample integrity. Quantitative data offers advantages over qualitative (colorimetric) readings that ballpark the H2S content of samples and are subject to user error. No more expensive and time-consuming tests are needed: the SINC series provides better data more quickly.

- Portability: hand held SINC and pocket sized eChem reader
- Sample Integrity: on-site loading ensures sample preservation
- Ease-of-use: less than 5 minutes user time per reading
- Accuracy: quantitative data without calibration
- Data Management: store and download readings

Innolyzer Solution

The SINC-1 Industrial Series is portable, easy-to-use, accurate and perfect for a range of industries.


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