Innolyzer Labs, LLC is a biotechnology company located in Shreveport, LA focused on developing innovative analytical solutions based on the cutting edge of material science and core scientific research.


About Us

Innolyzer’s founding partnerships with Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and Louisiana Tech University included access to the latest techniques and engineering solutions for laboratory application. Innolyzer’s primary team is comprised of scientists and engineers with over 70 years shared experience in this area. In addition, academic and industrial partners enable us to identify problem areas and develop efficient solutions that ensure ease-of-use while increasing personnel safety and equipment protection.

We have developed highly efficient prototyping methods and manufacturing processes that allow us to supply our products directly to our customers or distributors and develop new commercial solutions through partnerships focused on meeting an immediate need.

Innolyzer Labs first product line, the SINC series, is focused on hydrogen sulfide analysis. Our unique and patented technology platform has allowed us to produce solutions for H2S measurement that ensure ease-of-use and portability. The SINC series allows professionals to obtain better data then they would from a core lab. Future development is expected to provide this same accessibility for the measurement of ammonia, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and gaseous molecules.

Innolyzer Labs

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