Is soluble H2S a problem in your industry?


Development Partners

We will come test the SINC 1 on your samples and determine if it works as is, or if there is a pathway to meet your need through a joint development agreement.

For early stage tech companies like us JDAs with large companies are a great way to get our product in customers hands and to develop new products on our technology platform.

Through JDAs we can seek several outcomes. Long term product supply for your use. Manufacture of product for distribution though existing channels. Development of product versions or new products that meet defined needs.

The JDA approach allows a company like us to accelerate our timeline to meet identified needs more efficiently. Access to samples and the people that are experienced with them are invaluable to us. Augmented funding for R&D purposes allows us to move the needle more rapidly.

Upon identifying compatible goals and determining a good match we want to find the most effective way to work together.

Innolyzer is also working on solutions for ammonia, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and others. If our technology platform could meet your need, we want to discuss potential joint development agreements. The ability to prototype testing real world samples for specific intended uses accelerates our mission.


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