SINC 1 Industrial Series

Portable, easy-to-use, accurate measurement of H2S in your aqueous sample. Designed for field or laboratory use, the SINC 1 preserves sample integrity and gives a quantitative reading of H2S content in ppm or mMoles. It requires less than 5 minutes of user time to get quantitative data.

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Water 1

SINC 1 Low Range

The low range series covers 1 – 35 ppm (or 1 - 100 ppm) for specific measurement of low quantities of H2S.

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Water 2

SINC 1 Standard

The standard series covers normal H2S ranges common to aqueous samples 30 – 350 ppm.

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Water 3

SINC 1 High Range

The high range series covers H2S ranges up to 15,000 ppm, commonly used for amine units and sour water.

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Why is the SINC 1 the best available solution for H2S measurement in aqueous samples?


Sample Integrity

Preserving sample integrity is a major issue. H2S is a labile gas and is constantly releasing from a liquid into the air or headspace of a container, causing readable levels to drop over time during storage or transport to a lab. The SINC 1 solves this problem; portability allows it to be loaded directly from the source and it is sealed ensuring that the sample is preserved for up to 72 hours. This allows for users to be confident that the reading they get is representative of the source and accurate.




The SINC 1 is field ready. The light, hand-held SINCs and eChem reader are easily carried and stable during transport. Sources can be sampled directly into the device and once the device is sealed it is again stable for transport. The hand-held eChem reader is the size of a cell phone and can be carried in your pocket. Readings can be taken where and when it is convenient.


Accuracy is important, field solutions have been either highly expensive requiring technical expertise and calibration, or qualitative. These subjective colorimetric assays are susceptible to innate inaccuracies and user error. The SINC 1 gives the user a quantitative reading providing the most affordable, accurate field measurement available. Calibration is not needed as the SINC is a disposable, single use design.



Fast and Easy-to-Use

No calibration or knowledge of electrochemistry is needed. The SINC 1 takes less than 30 seconds to load. It is stable for up to 72 hours and can be transported. Readings can be taken wherever you are. Results are achieved in less than 1 minute and displayed on a digital screen. Data is automatically stored.

Data Management

The eChem reader records and stores all data for download. This provides the ability to double check recorded numbers and track historical data of sources. Data recording limits the possibility of user error.


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