SINC 2 Biological Series

Sample preparation for measuring biological levels of H2S is a greater than 3-hour process with limited sample throughput. The SINC 2 reduces that time to less than 5 minutes allowing increased sample throughput. Samples come off the SINC 2 ready for analysis by HPLC.


 Why is the SINC 2 a better solution for biological measurement? 


Sample Integrity

H2S is challenging because of its labile nature. Storage of H2S laden samples is accompanied by sample degradation over time, even in a -80 or liquid nitrogen. The SINC 2 can be loaded with fresh serum or plasma and the sample is completely stable for 24 hours.



Time and Cost Savings

The 3+ hour protocol currently used limits the number of samples that can be run in an experiment and costs in personnel time. The SINC 2 combined with is short (30 second) loading time allow for a higher volume of samples to be prepped at once for an HPLC run. Total user time per sample of under 5 minutes means your people can accomplish more with their time and while producing better data faster.


Labs have struggled with getting samples from the clinic to their lab in time to analyze or store them. With the SINC2 sample can be loaded at the clinic and then brought to the lab, or even overnighted to another institution for HPLC analysis. This flexibility adds access to more samples and the ability to generate better data for your studies

SINC 2 Image


Small Volumes 

The SINC 2 requires a small volume of sample facilitating animal studies.


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